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Quick fix against corporate tax evasion: #2figures4justice

I do like paying taxes (as well as social security contributions). I know what I am – what all of us are – getting in return: education, healthcare, infrastructure, safety and security, stability. Paying tax is a very social act, as it enables our societies to provide these very foundations of modern civilizations. It is my conviction that all who profit should contribute. Unfortunately, leaders of many corporations do not share this point of view, as the #luxleaks revelations showed once again.

Luxembourg seat of government (left) and ministry of finance (right)

Luxembourg seat of government (left) and ministry of finance (right). Picture (c) @fhohenauer (feel free to share)

Always striving to maximize profit, they hire Pricewaterhousecoopers and the like to design tax evasion schemes (taking for granted that their shareholders are happy with these anti-social measures). Even though these might be legal (which might just as well not be the case), they do harm to our societies. Yet, there is a simple way to at least make management think twice before they again act against our common interest: Let’s oblige them to publish two figures in the most prominent of places: Their earnings in a country as well as the tax they are paying there. This is the #2figures4justice idea. Weiterlesen